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Best Beverage Fridges – With Tips on How to Choose

A beverage fridge would be convenient for you so you can grab the drink without going to the kitchen. You can put it in the patio, home office, bedroom, or even in your rumpus.

But which one is the best beverage fridge?

What Is a Beverage Fridge?

Of the many types of fridges, the type of beverage fridge has many fans of its own. Beverage fridge is a refrigerator specially designed for storing drinks. The design consists of many shelves that are useful for storing various kinds of drinks.

You won’t find a freezing section in the beverage fridge because all parts of the fridge have a cold temperature adjusted for drinks. If you want your drinks to stay cold and don’t change the taste, you can store them in this type of refrigerator.

The beverage fridge type is widely chosen because it has a large beverage storage capacity. You won’t have to worry about how many drinks you have because everything will fit in the beverage fridge.

This type of beverage fridge is widely used for commercial activities. Usually, drink sellers or shops will provide this type of refrigerator to store their beverage products. However, you can still have this type of refrigerator.

With a beverage fridge, you can get cold beer or soda drinks more easily. You will also save space if you choose this type of refrigerator. How did it happen? That is because the shape of the beverage fridge is slimmer so it won’t take up much space. You won’t need to worry if your room is cramped because the beverage fridge will fit your room.

Beverage Fridge vs Normal Fridge

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Beverage fridge is not the same as the normal fridge. Although both function as coolants, they both have differences. To understand more clearly, you can learn the difference between the two products in the following explanation.


The beverage fridge has the main function of keeping your drink. The beverage fridge product is designed specifically with all types of drinks in mind. Also, the beverage fridge has many customized features to maintain the quality of the drinks. This product comes with a wide variety of temperature settings designed for different drinks. Of course, these settings can be adjusted according to the preferences of each owner.

Meanwhile, the normal fridge is the opposite of the beverage fridge. This type of refrigerator is specially designed to be set at a temperature that ensures food safety. So you could say that a normal fridge is a refrigerator that functions to store food.

You are not going to change the temperature in the refrigerator because you want to make sure the food is maintained. The normal fridge even has a special section that can freeze food or drinks.

Of course, you don’t want to drink frozen drinks, right? Although a normal fridge can also be used to store drinks, the temperature produced is not the same as a beverage fridge. The safety of your various types of drinks cannot be properly maintained.


The beverage fridge comes in a smaller and slimmer design. Although you can also choose a beverage fridge size that is larger than the normal fridge, most beverage fridges come in a more streamlined size. The beverage fridge appearance will be more attractive and look stylish.

This is because this type of refrigerator product has a transparent door, so you can see inside. Moreover, there is also an LED light feature that is always on and illuminates the drink in it, so you don’t need to be confused about what drink to take. If a normal fridge asks you to open the door to check what’s inside, this is not the case with the beverage fridge. You don’t need to open the door to look inside so it’s more flexible.

Even more pleasant, the beverage fridge has a sleek shelf for storage of drinks. You won’t find large side trays like a refrigerator because there are already so many shelves. There is also a temperature control that you can adjust so you can enjoy the cold drink you like.

You’ll find the perfect temperature for a variety of drinks such as beer, wine, soda, or juice. You can also slide the tray out so that it can be adjusted to accommodate whatever drink you want. You can even choose a combination design between the normal fridge and beverage fridge. A design like this will make it easier for you to meet your needs.

Meanwhile, the normal fridge comes in a variety of designs. You can choose a variety of normal fridges such as top-mount fridges, side-by-side fridges, French door fridges, mini-fridges, bottom fridges and many more.

A normal fridge also has an LED light in it like a beverage fridge, but the lights will turn off when the door is closed. The normal fridge doesn’t have a glass door design so you can’t see inside if you don’t open it. This is the basic difference from a beverage fridge and normal fridge.


Beverage fridge is usually offered at a higher price than a normal fridge. Although a beverage fridge only has a simple design with a small size, the price can be more expensive than a normal fridge. All prices are cheap or expensive depending on the features and brand you choose. But overall, the beverage fridge is more expensive.


For energy efficiency, a beverage fridge is certainly more efficient than a normal fridge. Its smaller size won’t cost you a lot just on power. You can save more energy with a beverage fridge. While a normal fridge, usually requires more energy because of the larger size of the cooler.

How To Choose the Beverage Fridge

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Choosing a beverage fridge product cannot be done without thinking. You have to consider carefully so that the product you choose is not wrong and following your wishes. So, you can choose a beverage fridge appropriately, you can pay attention to the following tips for choosing:

What type of drink are you going to store it for?

When choosing a beverage fridge, you can determine what types of drinks you will store. You can think about whether you will store canned beverage products, wine, soda, beer or something else. Now, when you have decided to store everything, you can choose the appropriate product for your drink type.

You’ll find a beverage fridge model designed to contain only cans, there is also a dual-zone designed for storing canned cold wine and beverage. There are even special coolers for wine. Whichever you choose, you have to adjust everything to the type of your drink.

Find the Most Suitable Capacity For Your Needs

Each product beverage fridge comes in various sizes. You can choose the product that suits what you need. If you need storage for a few drinks, then you can choose products that are small in size. The small beverage can hold up to 60 drinks.

While the medium size will allow you to accommodate up to 100 pieces. Finally, the large size offers a capacity for up to 100 drinks. You can choose a beverage fridge product that suits your storage needs. Make sure you don’t choose the wrong choice so you don’t waste money.

Is it Energy Efficient?

Choosing energy-efficient products will also save you money. How can a product help you save money? The answer is because energy-efficient products will not make you spend a lot of power so that your monthly energy expenditure is also more efficient.

For that, you can choose a beverage fridge product that already has an energy-efficient label. Energy-efficient product certificates will make you use between 20% and 30% less energy than usual, making it more efficient.

What Features Does It Have?

Each different brand will offer different features. You can make sure the product you buy has the features you need so that the product can function optimally. The dual-zone temperature feature will allow you to store at different temperatures. The safety lock feature will help keep your drink safe from theft or children’s activities. Apart from these features, you can also check the digital temperature control feature, adjustable shelves and LED light to ensure the quality of the products you buy.

Will it Fit The Space?

The measurement section in the beverage fridge comes with a variety of choices. Overall, you will find the most common width measurements around 24 “with variations under 20” for the smaller sizes. As for the size of the height, generally ranges from 30-35 “which you can adjust as needed. You can choose the size that suits your storage space at home. You can put this product independently or you can put it under the table into a cupboard.

How Much Does the Beverage Fridge cost?

The price of a beverage fridge product varies depending on what brand you want to buy. The price offered depends on what design features you will get. For a beverage fridge with a simple model, you can buy it for around 170 to 1800 dollars. If you want a classier product, you can choose from 3000 to 4000 dollars. This price can be even higher according to the features and advantages you get.

When you decide to buy a product beverage fridge, make sure you have prepared the room to store as well as an appropriate budget.