Best Inverter Refrigerators – Reviews and Buying Guide

Every human being always needs food and drink in an uncertain amount. To be able to store food and drinks properly, many people choose the refrigerator as a storage area. Many manufacturers offer various types of refrigerators that you can choose according to your needs. One type of refrigerator that is widely used by the public is the inverter refrigerator. Do you already know the inverter refrigerator?

What It Is

Inverter Refrigerator is a refrigerator that uses an inverter as a compressor which is installed on the body of the refrigerator itself. This type of inverter compressor can operate at various speeds and can run longer cycles. The inverter compressor turns on and off but takes longer at lower speeds. The inverter compressor can adapt to the daily usage habits of consumers as it can operate at a wide range of speeds. You will feel a huge difference when using an inverter refrigerator compared to a normal refrigerator.

The workings of this inverter compressor can vary according to human use. For example, when you put an item in the refrigerator and the refrigerator door is left open for a longer time, the compressor will feel a change in temperature and start operating at a higher speed.

Inverter compressors operate at higher speeds in an attempt to compensate for the loss of cold air and make way for the incoming warm air. Then at night, the use of the refrigerator will usually decrease. Well, when you have little activity or no activity at all at night, the compressor will work slowly.

This inverter compressor will use a more precise amount of energy needed to maintain the refrigerator temperature. By keeping the amount of energy stable, this inverter refrigerator will certainly help you save even more. You will save your expenses if you use this type of inverter refrigerator.

Inverter Refrigerator vs Normal Fridge

An inverter refrigerator with a normal refrigerator certainly has a very clear difference. You will feel the difference if you are accustomed to using a normal refrigerator and then switch to an inverter refrigerator. To be able to understand the differences clearly, you can pay attention to the following things.

1.     Cooling System

The inverter refrigerator uses an inverter compressor that will work according to the temperature conditions in the refrigerator. The inverter compressor can adjust by running faster or slower. With the inverter compressor cooling system on the inverter refrigerator, the temperature in the fridge will be maintained.

So it can be said that the temperature of the inverter refrigerator is more stable when compared to a normal refrigerator. The inverter refrigerator will run faster if you open the door too long to keep the temperature cool. Then if you don’t use or don’t open the inverter refrigerator, the inverter compressor will slow down.

As for the normal refrigerator, the compressor is the main cooling system that always works hard to keep the refrigerator all day long. The compressor used by normal refrigerators is a single-speed type compressor that only operates at one speed so that it cannot work by adjusting to the temperature conditions in the refrigerator.

A normal refrigerator compressor will cycle on and off every day so it is unstable. The cooling system in a normal refrigerator will not be able to keep the refrigerator part stable so that the food and drinks you store can change without you knowing it.

2.     Operational

Inverter refrigerator can work at various speeds according to circumstances. This makes the inverter refrigerator’s ability more flexible as it is adaptable. The inverter refrigerator will run at a low speed and use the minimum amount of energy to bring the refrigerator temperature back to a more optimal level. The new inverter refrigerator will run at high speed if it detects an abnormal refrigerator temperature. So, the inverter refrigerator will keep the temperature stable as it should be.

Meanwhile, a normal refrigerator will turn on and off at a constant speed so that it cannot adjust to the conditions of the refrigerator. It could be said that a normal refrigerator cannot be flexible. A normal refrigerator will run hard all day long whether the user is using it or not. Because a normal refrigerator operates all day at the same speed, a normal refrigerator is more prone to interference.

3.     Energy

The energy use of an inverter refrigerator is considered to be more efficient than a normal refrigerator. Why is that? This is because the inverter refrigerator will only work when needed. This refrigerator can adjust well so that the energy used can also be adjusted. When not in use, the fridge inverter will use less energy. You can save 20% to 30% if you use an inverter refrigerator. Your monthly power bill will be smaller with an inverter refrigerator.

Unlike the inverter refrigerator, the normal refrigerator will absorb more energy because it is a little more aggressive in absorbing more electric power. A normal refrigerator works constantly and cannot change or adjust. These different abilities make normal refrigerators require more energy than inverter refrigerators. Your monthly bill will be higher if you keep using the refrigerator all the time.

4.     Noise

The inverter refrigerator will not produce noise that irritates your ears. If you usually hear noise from a normal refrigerator when it is turned on, this will not be found in an inverter refrigerator. The low noise level of the inverter refrigerator is caused because every time it starts its cooling cycle, the inverter refrigerator uses a low speed. Well, because the speed used includes low speed, the inverter refrigerator makes less noise.

Whereas a normal refrigerator will sound quite noisy when you first turn it on. For some people, this will certainly be annoying. If you don’t like sound disturbances, then this type of inverter refrigerator is more suitable for you. You will be calmer with the ability of the inverter refrigerator to run at low speed without a loud sound.

How To Select an Inverter Refrigerator

When you decide to buy an inverter refrigerator, you have to consider several things to choose the right product. Here are some things you should pay attention to when choosing a quality inverter refrigerator.


You need to pay attention to how much electricity your refrigerator has in watts. You can choose an inverter refrigerator product that uses power in watts. If the product you choose is still stated as amps, then you will need to convert amps to watts by multiplying amps by voltage. Checking the power required by an inverter refrigerator unit will help you find out if the product can perform optimally with the power capabilities of your home.

Battery capacity

You need to know how much DC battery capacity you need to have to operate your refrigerator. The inverter refrigerator that you buy must have a battery capacity that matches what you need. If you don’t know the battery capacity, then there is a chance that you won’t be able to fix the problem later on. For that, you should check the battery capacity to save more.

Inverter Rating

Checking the inverter rating before you buy an inverter refrigerator product is very important. Most companies will provide two values ​​for the capacity of the inverter. “Continuous watts” means the output AC power which the inverter can later supply 24/7 as long as the DC input remains.

Then “Peak surge wattage” can be interpreted as the output AC power which the inverter can later supply for a fraction of a second. You can choose an inverter with a good rating to get a quality product.

Check The Features

To get a quality inverter refrigerator, you need to check every feature offered. Make sure the button is functioning properly and the inverter cooling system is operating normally. You can check one by one the features offered when trying to buy the product you want. You can also choose products with features that suit your needs so you can get double benefits.

What is The Size of an Inverter Refrigerator?

For measurement, inverter refrigerator of various sizes. You will find small to large inverter refrigerators on the market. However, in general, inverter refrigerators have a size of about 560 x 590 x 1500 mm.

This size can be smaller or bigger depending on the brand you buy. If you need a small capacity, of course, you can buy a small one. But if you need a large one, then you can choose an inverter refrigerator with a larger capacity. Whatever brand you choose, you have to adjust it according to your needs.

How Much Does a Inverter Refrigerator Cost?

The inverter refrigerator comes with a variety of prices according to the features offered. You will find inverter refrigerator products for around 500 to 5000 dollars. This price can vary depending on the features and size of the refrigerator. You can purchase the lowest or the highest price according to your need. If you don’t need the special features, you can choose the medium inverter fridge that has an affordable price.

Inverted refrigerators are indeed more energy efficient when compared to normal refrigerators. You can also avoid the noise you usually get from a normal refrigerator. Whatever brand you choose, you have to consider several important things related to the inverter refrigerator to get a quality product.