ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerator Review – Read This Before You Buy

Are you looking for ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerator review, the one sold in Australia? You have come to the right place. Here we are reviewing both the standard model and the retro model.

Design & Internal Layout

ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerator (CTM216W)

ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerator comes in 2 different models, the standard one and the retro one. The standard one has 2 colour options: white (CTM216W), or black (CTM215BP), which is just released at this time or writing. Whereas with the retro one, there are 3 colour options: Black, Red, and White.

All of those refrigerators look trendy and stylish, except for the CTM216W, which looks more classic.

CHiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerator  CTM215BP
CHiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerator in Black (CTM215BP)

The retro model is slimmer but taller and deeper than the standard one. It has a width of 54cm, a height of 1.529m, and a depth of 62.7cm. Whereas the standard one is 59cm wide, 1.465m tall, and 59cm deep. You need to realise that these refrigerators are shorter than most other top mount refrigerators. Other top mount refrigerators with a bigger capacity normally are 1.65m tall or higher. So for tall people, this refrigerator might not be ergonomic.

The standard ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerator comes with horizontal recessed door handles. But the retro style has two stainless steel door handles to make it look stylish.

The door hinge of the CTM216W is reversible, meaning you can set it to open it from the right, or from the left. But for other types, the door hinge is on the right, which means you open it from its left.

ChiQ 216l Top Mount Refrigerator Retro Style – Black

In terms of the internal layout, as you can tell from its title: 216L, it has a small storage capacity. It suits 1-2 person household, or as an extra fridge. But you can adjust the shelves.

The newer Black ChiQ 216L Refrigerator has the same internal layout as the White one.

The retro style has a better layout, with an ice tray located in the freezer compartment and a wine/bottle holder as you can see below:

Inside of ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerator – Retro Style

However in all of the ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerators, the compressor takes some space of the first shelf in the bottom compartment.

Compressor and Cooling System

ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerators are using a traditional compressor, with a multi air flow system. The temperature is set using the knob inside the fridge. According to the reviews we found, you cannot expect the freezer to be very cold. However, the freezer is frost-free.

You can also set the humidity level in the fruit & vegetable crisper drawer.

Noise Level

We cannot find the noise level specified in its marketing information. But based on the reviews we found, purchasers are happy with its noise level.

Ice & Water Dispenser

There is no water dispenser. Only the retro style comes with the twister ice maker and tray.

Other Features

  • LED lighting
  • Easy to clean shelves made from tempered glass

Energy Efficiency

All of ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerators have 3.5 star energy rating, which is slightly better than most refrigerators.

Value for Money

The white standard ChiQ 216L Top Mount Refrigerator is one of the best selling refrigerators in Australia, thanks for the price. It is the cheapest decent top mount refrigerator on the market. Even though it is cheap, it works well. So yes, definitely this white ChiQ 216L refrigerator is value for money.

But you need to pay more for the black one, or the retro model. Whether it is worth it or not to pay more for the design, is subject to your own perception.


This is what we like best about ChiQ refrigerators, in addition to its price. ChiQ is offering 3 years warranty, and an additional 7 years for its compressor (in Australia). It is longer than other brands, who only offers 2 years warranty.

Customer Reviews

ChiQ CTM216 (the white traditional model) has an excellent average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 according to Google. The retro style has a lower average customer rating of 4.3 out of 5.0.


Design & Layout
Energy Efficiency
Value for Money
Customer Reviews


  • Great price for CHiQ CTM216 (White traditional top mount refrigerator)
  • Stylish look
  • Works well
  • The retro model has a bottle/wine rack and a twisted ice tray


  • Small capacity
  • Short refrigerator, so it might not be an ergonomic fridge
  • Limited feature
  • No ice maker on the standard model
  • The freezer cannot be super freezing