Hisense 514L Bottom Mount Refrigerator HR6BMFF514SW Review – Read This Before You Buy

Are you looking for the Hisense 514L bottom mount fridge (HR6BMFF514SW) review? Let’s see the details here.

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Design & Internal Layout

Exterior of Hisense 514L Bottom Mount Fridge

This Hisense 514L bottom mount fridge has a width of 79 cm. It is a tall fridge with a height of 1.756m, and a depth of 73.5 cm, deeper than many other refrigerators. It has a fridge capacity of 348L and freezer capacity of 166L.

The multi-function touch control panel is located at the front door, so you can change the temperature easily without opening the door.

Inside of Hisense 514L Bottom Mount Fridge

There are 3 adjustable shelves in the fridge compartment, which are spill proof and made from safe glass.

You can put fruits and vegetables in two separate crisper drawers.

In the freezer compartment you’ll find a twist ice maker, a small drawer to put small items such as paste, and two big drawers, which fit bulky items such as ice cream tubs.

It comes with 2 enclosed door baskets, an egg tray, and a built-in can rack.

What we don’t like about this fridge is, the door shelf does not fit tall and bulky bottle such as 3 litre milk.

Compressor and Cooling System

Hisense 514L bottom mount refrigerator is equipped with inverter technology, which maintains ideal temperatures for better cooling, with multi air flow system.

It uses low environmental impact refrigerant R600a.

The freezer is also frost free. It offers the option of Super Freeze and Super Cool.

Noise Level

According to its marketing material, its noise level is 41dB, which is pretty quiet.

Water Dispenser

It has a water dispenser at the front door, which does not require any plumbing.

Ice Maker

Hisense 514L bottom mount refrigerator comes in a twist ice maker in its freezer.

Other Features

  • Holiday Powersave function, so you can save your electricity bills when you are away
  • LED lighting
  • Door alarm which reminds you when you open the door for long

Energy Efficiency

It has a 4 star energy rating, which means that this refrigerator is energy efficient. Most refrigerators only have 3 star energy rating or less.

Value for Money

This fridge is the same price as bottom mount fridges from other brands with smaller capacity and no water dispenser. So yes, we believe that this fridge is value for money.


3 years, which is better than other brands. Other brands normally only offer 2 years warranty.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, this Hisense 514l bottom mount fridge has an excellent average rating of 4.5 according to Google.



  • Water dispenser without any plumbing required
  • Value for money
  • Energy efficient with 4 star energy rating
  • Deep shelves and drawer in the fridge and freezer compartment, so that many foods can fit in.


  • The door shelf is not deep and can only fit 1-2 tall slim bottles.