Hisense 624L Side by Side Fridge Review – Read Before You Buy

Are you looking for Hisense 624L Side by Side Refrigerator review? You have come to the right place.

Hisense 624L Side by Side Refrigerator is one of the best selling refrigerators in Australia. But it is actually good? Let’s see here.

Design & Internal Layout

Hisense 624L Side by Side Fridge in Stainless Steel

This Hisense 624L side by side fridge is a big fridge. It has a width of 90.8 cm, a height of 1.78m and a depth of 74.5 cm.

Inside Hisense 624L Side by Side Fridge

Although it is big in size, its fridge capacity is not as big as its 630L french door refrigerator. This fridge has a fridge capacity of 385L, whereas the 630L french door has a 436L fridge capacity. Because as a side by side fridge, there is a separator in the middle, which makes the shelves are not as wide. Hence you can put only a few items on a shelf. The shelves are made from safe glass, but not spill-proof. There are 2 crisp drawers for your vegetables and fruits.

Its compressor also takes up some space of the top shelf, as you can see above.

If you are looking for a refrigerator where you can put many things in the freezer, this Hisense 624L side by side fridge could be your option. It has a big freezer capacity of 239L. The freezer is on the right side of the fridge (left on your side when you are standing facing the fridge), with 5 fixed shelves, and 2 drawers.

It comes with an egg tray.

In terms of the external design, it looks modern with a colour option of Stainless Steel or Black (new model). You can control the temperature of the fridge using a LED display on the front door.

Compressor and Cooling System

It uses a fixed speed compressor with R600a refrigerant. It is with multi air flow system.

The fridge is frost free.

Noise Level

According to its specification, it has a noise level of 43 dB(A), which is average for a fridge.

Water Dispenser

You can enjoy a water dispenser, which does not require any plumbing.

Ice Maker

It comes with a removable twist ice maker.

Other Features

  • Holiday Mode – So you can keep the fridge on even when you are away. It consumes lower amount of electricity
  • Super Freeze
  • Super Cool
  • Door Alarm to remind you when you forgot to close the fridge door

Energy Efficiency

This Hisense 624L Fridge has a 3 star energy rating, similar to other refrigerators with same range of capacity.

Value For Money

Hisense 624L side by side refrigerator is sold at an attractive price. Cheaper than most refrigerators with a similar capacity. So yes we think that this fridge has value for money.


The good thing about Hisense fridge is that it offers 3 years manufacturer warranty, 1 year more than other brands.

Customer Reviews

Most purchasers are very happy with their purchase. This Hisense 624L Side by Side refrigerator has an excellent average rating of 4.6 out of 5 according to Google.


Design & Layout
Energy Efficiency
Value for Money
Customer Reviews


  • Great price
  • With water dispenser that does not require plumbing
  • You can put many things in the freezer
  • Holiday mode helping you save the bills when you are away
  • Super Freeze and Super Cool option


  • Smaller fridge capacity than french door refrigerators
  • The compressor takes up space of the top shelf in the fridge compartment
  • The shelves are not adjustable in height, according to its specification on its website. They are not spill-proof too.

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