Hisense 630L French Door Refrigerator Review

Planning to buy Hisense 630L French Door Refrigerator? Let’s see the review here in all aspects.

Hisense 630L French Door Refrigerator

Design & Internal Layout

This Hisense 630L French Door Refrigerator with the black steel elegant design, is wide and deep. Its width is 91.2 cm and a depth of 76.5 cm.

Although it requires a bigger refrigerator cavity with such size, it is actually ideal in terms of the storage space. It comes with 80cm wide shelves, so you can put more items on a shelf. It has an adjustable shelf so you can put it lower to put a taller item. All of the shelves are spill-proof glass shelves.

The ice maker is located on the back of the fridge door, so it does not take up space in the main fridge compartment.

With its space-efficient design, it has a fridge capacity of 436L and a freezer capacity of 194L. A fridge capacity of 436L is actually huge. It is even bigger than the Hisense 701L French Door which only has a 373L fridge capacity, or LG 706L French Door Refrigerator, which has a 391L fridge capacity with the price of more than double the price of this Hisense 630L fridge.

It also comes with a special rack to hold your soft drink cans and bottles. There is also an egg tray.

The door handle makes it easy to open the door.

There are 3 tier freezer drawers at the bottom.

And you can easily set the temperature using an electronic touch control which is located on the front of the door.

Cooling System

It is using twin cooling system to ensure multi air flow across the fridge.

Noise Level

According to the specification on Hisense website, it has a noise level of 43db. It is pretty much the same as other modern refrigerators.

Other Features

We love the feature of Holiday Mode. When you set to this mode, you can still have your fridge on when you are away with a lower electricity usage.

It also has a water dispenser without any plumbing required. You just need to fill up the built-in container inside the fridge.

The Frost Free technology removes the frost build-up. In addition, there is Super Freeze and Super Cool functions.

It is equipped with door alarm, which reminds you when you forgot to close the fridge door.

Energy Efficiency

This 630L French Door Refrigerator has a 3-star energy rating (according to Hisense website), similar to most french door refrigerators.

Value for Money

Yes, definitely this Hisense 630L French Door refrigerator is excellent value for the money. In fact, we believe this refrigerator is the Best Value for Money fridge amongst other Hisense refrigerator, and even amongst all brand refrigerators.

You get a fridge capacity the same as a 700L or more refrigerator, a non-plumbed water dispenser, with a price of a fraction of those 700L+ refrigerators.


All of Hisense fridges come with a 3 year warranty in Australia. More than other brands.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing this review, it has an excellent average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 according to Google.