Hisense 670L French Door Refrigerator Review

Are you looking to buy HIsense 670L French Door Refrigerator? See the review here so you know exactly what you are buying.

Design and Layout

This stainless steel french door refrigerator has a pure flat design with recessed door handles so that it integrates with your kitchen cabinet seamlessly.

It is a wide refrigerator with a width of 91.2 cm and a depth of 72.5 cm. It has a height of 178.5cm. With such a wide width, you can put more items in the fridge. It has a huge fridge capacity of 422L, a freezer capacity of 125L, and a multi-use compartment capacity of 123L. With the multi-use compartment, you can choose to set the temperature at 5C to make it is functioning as a refrigerator, or at -C or -18 to make it as a freezer. It is called “My Fresh Choice Plus” zone.

There are 2 adjustable shelves, so you can set the upper shelf higher to fit taller items. All of the shelves are made from safety glass.

According to its specification on the Hisense website, there are 2 egg trays and also a snack drawer.

Cooling Technology

This Hisense 670L French Door Refrigerator is backed with an Inverter compressor, makes it more durable, and maintains temperature better than a standard refrigerator.

With its twin cooling system and all around cooling system, cold air is distributed throughout each compartment. There are three separate compartments, which you can set the temperature individually.

Like other Hisense fridges, this has Frost Free technology that removes the frost build-up.

Noise Level

According to Hisense website, the noise level of this Hisense 670L French Door Refrigerator is 40dB. It is slightly quieter than most other fridges.

Other Feature

LED lighting

Energy Efficiency

It has a 3-star energy rating, similar to many other French Door Refrigerators.

Value for Money

This fridge’s normal price is the same as other fridges with much smaller capacity (524L-594L) without ice/water dispenser. So yes certainly this Hisense 670L French Door refrigerator is great value for the money.


3 year warranty is provided with all Hisense refrigerators.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, this Hisense 670L French Door Refrigerator has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 according to Google.