Hisense Fridges Review – Read This Before You Buy

Thinking of buying a Hisense Fridge? We have analysed all the Hisense fridges sold in Australia, and compile with the list of best Hisense fridges here, with the pros and cons so you know exactly what you are buying.

Hisense sounds like a Japanese brand, but actually, it is a Chinese brand. The company was established in 1969 and now is recognized as a top 10 leading provider of household appliances in the world by Euromonitor, IDG, and the Consumer Electronics Association. It produces 7 million units of refrigerator every year. It has the 2nd largest refrigerator market share in China.

Hisense is partnering with IBM, Hitachi, Whirlpool and AMD for the development and marketing of refrigerators. It has a global R&D network of over 3000 engineers and has a national-level R&D centre, a post-doctoral research workstation, and a state-of-the-art multimedia technology laboratory. It is because Hisense aims to emphasize on innovation and quality.

Hisense Refrigerator Overall Review

Design & Layout
Energy Efficiency
Value for Money
Customer Reviews

Design & Layout

Although many of the Hisense refrigerators have a good layout, which maximises storage space, some don’t. Read our reviews to see which one has and which one doesn’t.

Hisense has quite a variety colour for its refrigerators. There is red and black for its bar fridges, as well as black for its french door refrigerators. And of course, stainless steel for many of its refrigerators. Those Hisense refrigerators look modern.


Many of the Hisense refrigerators are using a traditional cooling system (conventional). Only the newer model have inverter compressor.

Noise Level

The noise level in Hisense refrigerators are pretty standard: around 40-45Db. Some of the Hisense fridges are quieter than the others.


Hisense refrigerators are normally at the lower end price. Hence to keep the price low, it does not have fancy features. Some of Hisense refrigerators have Holiday mode, multi use compartment that you can use as a fridge or a freezer, and water dispenser.

Energy Efficiency

At the current time of writing, most of the Hisense refrigerators have 2.5 star – 3-star energy ratings. However, it seems that Hisense is trying to improve its energy efficiency. It just released a refrigerator with a 6-star energy rating (Hisense 519L Bottom Mount Refrigerator), the most energy-efficient refrigerator, but it is sold in few retailers only.

Value for Money

All Hisense refrigerators have attractive price. We believe Hisense are excellent in value for money, especially its side by side refrigerator and french door refrigerator.


Unlike most other refrigerator brands that offer a 2-year warranty, Hisense gives a 3-year warranty for all of its refrigerators to give you peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

Hisense has mixed customer reviews. Most of the new purchasers are happy with their recent purchase, but some of the purchasers that have been using Hisense fridges for some time complain about its durability.

Hisense French Door Fridge Review

Hisense was awarded the Best Rated French Door Fridge in 2019/2020 according to Finder.com.au as it was given the highest overall score by Australians surveyed. Hisense French Door fridges scored highly across the board, receiving commendation and highest scores for value for build quality, value for money, ease of use, and internal layout

So which one is the best Hisense French Door Refrigerator? Let’s discuss it here.

Hisense Refrigerator TypePriceEnergy RatingFreezer CapacityFridge Capacity
507L French Door - Most Energy EfficientCheck Here4 star97L (Multi Use)318L
630L French Door - Best Value For MoneyCheck Here3 star194L436L
670L French DoorCheck Here 3 star125L + 123L Multi Use422L
701L French DoorCheck Here2.5 star210L373L

Hisense 630L French Door Refrigerator

Hisense 630L French Door Refrigerator  HR6FDFF630B

The best value for money Hisense french door refrigerator. Even though the name is 630L French Door Refrigerator, it has a similar fridge capacity to other 700L+ French Door refrigerators. You can also enjoy the benefit of a water dispenser without any plumbing required. And best of all, at the cost of a fraction of other refrigerators with similar features and capacities.

Hisense 670L French Door Fridge

Hisense 670L French Door Refrigerator  HR6CDFF670S

If you are looking for a french door refrigerator with spacious storage to put your foods without paying extra for the ice or water dispenser, this refrigerator can be the one. It also has a flexible compartment which you can make it as a freezer or a fridge. It is also quiet. Overall it is great value for the money.

Hisense Bottom Mount Door Fridge Review

Previous Hisense Refrigerator

Hisense 514L Bottom Mount Fridge

Hisense 514L Bottom Mount Refrigerator  HR6BMFF514SW

This is a great value for the money fridge. You can have a bottom mount fridge with 514 litre capacity, a water dispenser that does not require any plumbing, an inverter compressor, and a Holiday program. It is also one of the most energy-efficient fridges with 4-star energy rating.

Hisense 701L French Door Fridge

Hisense 701L French Door Refrigerator  HR6FDFF701BW

This big black steel refrigerator has a multi-use drawer where you can make it as a freezer or a fridge and another drawer for the freezer. It also comes with a slide-away shelf to store tall items easier. There is a water dispenser, but it requires some plumbing.

Hisense 507L French Door Refrigerator (no longer sold)

Hisense 507L French Door Refrigerator  HRCD512BW

This is an energy-efficient, slim, and quiet Hisense French Door Refrigerator. It suits those who want a French Door refrigerator but do not have a wide fridge cavity. You can choose the colour either in Black or Stainless Steel. It has an ice & water dispenser without any plumbing required.