LG 570L French Door Refrigerator Review (GF-L570PL, GF-L570MBL, or GF-L570MBNL) – Read This Before You Buy

Are you looking for LG 570L French Door Refrigerator (GF-L570PL, GF-L570MBL, or GF-L570MBNL) review? You have come to the right place.

For your information, GF-L570MBNL is the newest version amongst the three. Unlike GF-L570PL and GF-L570MBL, GF-L570MBNL does not require any plumbing for the ice & water dispenser installation.

Design & Internal Layout

These are slim french door refrigerators. With the 835mm wide, these refrigerators fit the 850mm alcove. They are quite tall and deep, with a height of 1.787m and a deep of 73.4 cm.

You can choose the colour of stainless steel or matte black.

Compressor and Cooling System

Like other LG refrigerators, it also applies The LG Inverter Linear Compressor with a 10-year warranty. It doesn’t only help to maintain the freshness of foods, but also their taste and looks. This system is proven for reducing the fluctuations of temperature.

This fridge is equipped with the door cooling system which starts precisely 15 seconds after the doos are all closed. The cool air penetrates the cavity of the fridge through the rear and front ceiling vents, in which they direct the cold air onto the stored foods and drinks in the top door baskets.

This is beneficial for keeping foods and beverages fresh for a longer time. The fridge setting can be adjusted with a simple touch, as it is integrated with the smartphone application. Many users have claimed that their vegetables remain fresh, even when they are stored within a week.

Noise Level

All satisfied customers claim that LG 570L French Door Refrigerator has no noise at all! Thanks to the LG Inverter Linear compressor that ensures very low vibration and noise, it also reduces the moving parts. With a very low noise level, it delivers great comfort to the kitchen.

Water Dispenser

The water dispenser is available on the left side, which many reviewers find very useful with the constantly fresh and cold air. It is not too high so kids can easily reach it. it is also easy to clean and the output water.

Ice Maker

The ice maker system in this refrigerator applies SpacePlus™ Ice System. This slim ice maker is located indoors, in order to reduce the overall indoor space when users open the shelf wide. The fridge can connect to the water tap so there is no use to fill the bucket anymore. 

Other Features

  • This exceptional 570L French Door Refrigerator is fingerprint-resistant, so there will no bothering fingerprint on its surface, regardless of its black, matte finishing. 
  • It applies Pure N Fresh technology that eliminates the odors through this sophisticatedair filtration system. It works by a fan that forces air through the carbon deodorizer actively, then re-circulates it back across the shelves. 
  • Retractable shelves for storing all stuff, regardless of their measurement.
  • Fridge settings through LGThinQ app and compatible smartphones for adjusting the temperature. 
  • Door alarm
  • LED Interior Lamp
  • 5-fixed door baskets 

Energy Efficiency

With the less frequency of opening the refrigerator’s doors, then it is guaranteed that the energy saving of this refrigerator is highly dependable. It has a 2½ star rating on energy efficiency, with 580kWh/year.

Value for Money

With such excellent features, both the interior and exterior, it is easy to summarize that this series has the value of money. Even the features surpass the price, thanks to its overall convenience that it offers to homeowners. 


2-year manufacturer warranty, but 10-year warranty for the compressor

Customer Reviews

At this point in time, GF-570MBNL has an outstanding average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 according to Google, whereas GF-L570MBL‘s rating is 4.5 and GF-L570PL has an average rating of 4.2.


In sum, the LG 570l French Door Refrigerator is not only emphasizing its aesthetic value, but also excellent features for homeowners with a good amount of money. Regardless of its very slim look, it fits with almost any kitchen size. Just like other LG refrigerators, it is also very energy-friendly.


  • Elegant look with the black matte finishing that adds to the kitchen’s elegance. 
  • Fancy ice maker and water dispenser 
  • Easy to clean regardless of the very ample room for the interior 
  • Noiseless
  • Great value for money
  • Easy setup
  • Easy changing for the water point and filters 
  • Easy access to the divided compartments 
  • Excellent build quality


  • It is only affordable for certain people, regardless of its good value for money
  • It is suitable for not more than five people in a family

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