Mitsubishi 370L Fridge Review – Read This Before You Buy

Are you considering to buy Mitsubishi 370L Fridge? Check out our detailed review here.

Mitsubishi 370L 3 door Bottom Mount Fridge


Design & Layout
Energy Efficiency
Value for Money
Customer Reviews

Design and Layout

Mitsubishi 370L 3 door bottom mount fridges come in 2 colour options: white (MRCX370EJWA2) or stainless steel (MRCX370EJSTA2). Both have the same features and design. It is quite slim with a width of 60 cm. Its height is pretty much the same as other bottom mount fridges. It has a height of 1.6898m and a depth of 66 cm. The refrigerator compartment is designed for frequent access. It is positioned at chest height, to make it ergonomic.

Source: Mitsubishi Electric Bottom Mount Fridge Flyer

It consists of:

  • Refrigerator compartment with 189L capacity
  • Fruit and vegetable drawer with 77 L capacity, which is located at the middle of the fridge. It has higher humidity than the main refrigerator compartment.
  • Freezer with 104 L Capacity

Although the shelves cannot be moved up or down, you can push the higher shelf in to fit taller items such as a salad or dessert bowl.

2-Way Flexi Glass Shelf

Sliding Cases
Two sliding cases in the refrigerator compartment to store dairy products, or drinks

The freezer drawer consists of 3 drawers. The bottom drawer can fit a bigger item such as ice cream tub.

Source: Mitsubishi Electric website

The air duct is in the middle of the refrigerator compartment, and takes up some space.

It also comes with an egg shelf and small item pocket.

Compressor and Cooling System

This Mitsubishi 3 drawer bottom mount fridge is using inverter compressor and R600a refrigerant, with multi air flow.

Noise Level

Unfortunately Mitsubishi Electric does not specify the noise level of this refrigerator. In terms of customer reviews, many say it is quiet, but some say it makes some noise.

Water Dispenser

It does not have any water dispenser

Ice Maker

This fridge has an automatic ice maker, which does not require any plumbing. You can simply fill the removable water tank.

Other Features

  • Deodoriser filter, to reduce the smell inside your fridge because of items such as fish
  • Adjustable feet
  • Door alarm to remind you when you forgot to close the door
  • LED Light

Energy Efficiency

Its energy efficiency is pretty average. It has 3.5 star energy rating.

Value for Money

In terms of pricing, this Mitsubishi 3 drawer fridge has similar price to other bottom mount fridges with bigger capacity.


5 years (in Australia)

Customer Reviews

At this point of time, it has an excellent average customer rating of 5 out of 5 according to Google.

User Guide



Mitsubishi 370L bottom mount refrigerator is a unique fridge with 3 compartments. It has a special compartment for the fruit and vegetable, which has different humidity with the main fridge compartment. The fridge is not cheap, but with 5 years warranty in addition to excellent customer reviews, you can have peace of mind.


  • Slim fridge with only 60cm wide
  • Unique design with ergonomic in mind
  • You can fit big items in the freezer
  • Comes with an automatic ice maker that does not require plumbing and an egg tray
  • Has excellent customer reviews
  • With deodoriser filter
  • 5 years warranty


  • You can get a bigger bottom mount refrigerator at a similar price
  • The compressor is taking up some space in the main fridge compartment