Mitsubishi 630L French Door Fridge Review (MR-LX630 EMGBK)

This Mitsubishi 630L French Door Fridge is an Award Winner 2020 at as the Best French Door Refrigerator. Is it really good? Let’s find the detailed review here.

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Design & Internal Layout

Mitsubishi 630L French Door Refrigerator has a modern and luxurious look with the black toughened glass front panels. With a width of 90 cm, you can put many items on the shelves, including large platters. It comes with 2 adjustable shelves made from tempered glass, which is easy to clean and able to hold up to 100 kg of weight. This is also a tall fridge, with a height of 1.798 meters, and a depth of 73.5 cm. It has a big fridge capacity of 333L, in addition to a fruit and vegetable drawer with 117 litres capacity, and freezer with 180 litres capacity.

The main refrigeration compartment is designed for frequent access, so it is positioned at chest height, for ergonomic purpose. In this compartment there is a supercool chilling case, which is ideal for storing meat, fish, or other perishable food without freezing it, at around -3°C to 0°C so you don’t need to defrost the food. There is also a wide chilled case, which is ideal for storing processed food such as sausages, ham and dairy products at around 0°C to 3°C. You can also put some drinks in the case.

Wide chilled case
Supercool chilling case

Unlike other refrigerators, Mitsubishi 630L French Door refrigerator has a separate front door for its fruit and vegetable drawer, which consists of two big produce bins and a full-width tray, so you can separate fruit with vegetables, and put smaller and delicate items on the tray.

Internal layout of the Mitsubishi 630L French Door Refrigerator – Source: Mitsubishi Electric website

The freezer consists of a sliding tray at the top, which can be pushed in, and be used to store flat pack items such as meat packs, and another drawer which can be used to store big items such as ice cream tubs.

There is a LED control panel on the front of the refrigerator, so you can change the temperature without opening the door, hence preventing the loss of cool air.

Many refrigerators cannot fit large bottles on the rack behind the fridge door. But it is not the case with this Mitsubishi 630L french door refrigerator. You can store both of big bottles such as 2-3 Litre milk and small bottles in its door pocket.

There is also an egg tray.

Compressor and Cooling System

It is equipped with inverter technology, which maintains optimal temperature automatically. Once the temperature is set, the smart inverter gradually slows down and speeds up to maintain it. It also has multi airflow system, to ensure all items get the cool air. Its Neuro Fuzzy system can memorise your usage patterns, and automatically operates the most optimal conditions. It is also using R600a refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly.

Noise Level

Unfortunately, the marketing information does not specify its noise level. However, almost all purchasers think that this fridge is quiet.

Water Dispenser

This fridge does not come with water dispenser.

Ice Maker

There is an automatic ice maker, which does not require any plumbing.

Other Features

  • Eco mode to save your electricity bill
  • Antibacterial & deodoriser, to maintain hygiene and reduce the smell in the fridge due to items such as fish.
  • VitaLED which slows the wilting process and maintains vitamin and anti-oxidant in your fruit and vegetable for a longer
  • Rapid Cool function if you want the fridge to cool quickly

Energy Efficiency

This refrigerator has an energy rating of 4 star, which is excellent for such big fridge.

Value for Money

Although this refrigerator is not cheap, with such big capacity, excellent design and layout, and useful features, we believe this fridge is good value for money.


5 years warranty, and 10 years warranty for the compressor.

Customer Reviews

It has an excellent customer reviews. It is awarded as the Best French Door Refrigerator 2020 by because of the positive reviews received.

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Mitsubishi 630L French Door refrigerator offers many benefits that you cannot get from other french door refrigerators, such as a separate door for the fruit and vegetable compartment, a luxurious glass front door, and a chilling case in the main fridge compartment.


  • Luxurious design
  • Spacious compartment with tray, case, and drawer, so you can fit all of your items in the right place. It also fits bulky bottles in the door rack and bulky items in the freezer.
  • Eco-mode and is energy efficient with 4-star energy rating
  • With antibacterial and deodoriser
  • Quiet
  • 5 years warranty and 10 years warranty on the compressor


  • Quite expensive
  • Limited stock