Mitsubishi Fridge Review – Read This Before You Buy

Are you looking for Mitsubishi fridge review? We will discuss in detail below, to help you make an informed decision before you buy.

Mitsubishi Electric produces a range of air conditioners, fridges and fans, as well as automotive equipment and industrial automation. Mitsubishi Electric has been operating in Australia in 1967. According to their website, they are using the latest technologies to provide the highest level of comfort, quiet operation and optimised energy efficiency. Is that true? Let’s review those Mitsubishi fridges here.

Mitsubishi Fridges Overall Review

Design & Layout

The design of Mitsubishi fridges is unique. There are Mitsubishi 3 door bottom mount fridges, as well as french door refrigerators with multi drawers. Some of the fridges also have glass front panels, make them look luxurious.


Mitsubishi is using latest technology with its inverter compressor, to ensure multi air flow through out the refrigerators.

Noise Level

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi does not specify its noise level in its marketing material. Many users say the refrigerator is quiet, although some say it is noisy.


Mitsubishi does not have fancy feature such as a mobile app, but it has useful feature such as:

  • Eco mode to save your electricity bill
  • Antibacterial & deodoriser, to maintain hygiene and reduce the smell in the fridge due to items such as fish.
  • VitaLED which slows the wilting process and maintains vitamin and anti-oxidant in your fruit and vegetable for longer

Energy Efficiency

Mitsubishi fridges are quite energy efficient, with 3.5 – 4 star energy rating, depending on the model.

Value for Money

Mitsubishi fridges are not cheap. They are at the medium upper price range. But with 5 years warranty, you have a peace of mind for its quality. Many purchasers are also happy with their purchase.


In Australia, Mitsubishi Electric offers a five-year warranty for fridges and 10 years for the compressor. Longer than other brands, which only offer 2-year warranty on average.

Customer Reviews

Mitsubishi fridges have excellent customer reviews overall. No wonder it is an award winner 2020 of because of the excellent reviews received.

Best Selling Mitsubishi Fridges

Mitsubishi 630L French Door Refrigerator

Mitsubishi 630L French Door Refrigerator

This is the Best French Door Refrigerator in 2020 according to No surprise there. It has unique features that other fridges don’t have: luxurious glass door, a separate door for fruit and vegetable compartment, chilled case in the main fridge compartment.

Mitsubishi 710L l4 Glass Grande French Door Fridge

Unfortunately, this fridge has been discontinued.

Mitsubishi 370L 3 Door Bottom Mount Fridge

This slim bottom mount fridge has a unique design with 3 doors, as it has a separate door for its fruit and vegetable compartment. Comes with an automatic ice maker that does not require any plumbing. It receives excellent customer reviews.